Quick Review: Roxley Iron Clays

Ever have something you wanted to love so much, but it just wasn’t there?

That’s how I felt about Roxley’s Iron Clays. I wanted to love them. Everything about the box, inner case, and design of the chips were fantastic, but there was something off…

I came across a box of them at my local game shop last week and was immediately drawn in, but the price tag had me putting them back on the shelf quickly. But after reading online and looking into it more, I quickly returned to the shop and picked them up. Excited to get home and see how they feel, and that is where the disappointment started.

I’ve been looking for a replacement coin set for games since I sold my copy of Brass Deluxe. There is just something about premium coins or counters for games, it makes it feel more immersive, a more rounded experience. I had hoped that this was the item I was looking for, but it had one fatal flaw, the lack of weight. They felt cheap, not 1980’s plastic cheap, but not what I expected. I wanted it to feel like there was a little heft to it, just to make it feel “premium”, like Roxley advertises.

They never made it to the table, it was quickly listed on ebay and sold this morning. So the hunt for proper premium coins and counters continues.

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